Animal Health

RSI has developed patent pending technology titled Modified Alginate Hydrogels for Therapeutic Agents (USPTO Pending #15/606/769 & PCT/US/17/34748) and a second filing titled Modified Carbohydrates, Compositions Comprising the Same, and Methods of Making and Using the Same (PCT/US/17/40283). These filings are extensive and describe a method of oral delivery that revolutionizes the way veterinary medicines are delivered orally and protected from damaging stomach acids and enzymatic actions

A wide variety of medicines must be given to large and small animals on a regular basis, and due to the taste or smell of the medicine, animals often reject it. Cats in particular are not easily given pills of any kind.

RSI’s patented hydrogel technology lends itself to improving the delivery of animal health applications. The animal health applications cover large and small animals such as household pets, cats and dogs making up the majority of this group. The hydrogel technology is also well suited for larger farm animals such as horses, cows, pigs and sheep.

RSI’s patented hydrogels, which are tasteless and odorless, can contain a wide range of medications and dietary supplements, and be embedded in a “treat” or other food form palatable to the animal. This hydrogel technology is adjustable to accommodate different drug dosages based on veterinary recommendations related to animal weight.

The first products in the RSI Veterinary Science commercialization pipeline is a group of equine dewormer medications contained in edible cookies named medi-treats. The dewormer medication contained in the medi-treats will be available in different drug chemistries to assure seasonal (Spring & Fall) efficacy and avoid possible drug resistance.

Today, dewormer medications including Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, and Pyrantel Pamoate, are most often delivered in the form of a paste containing one or more drugs. The pastes have an unpleasant taste to the horse.  The paste is placed in the back of the horse’s mouth using a syringe-type device.  This is an awkward and inefficient product delivery method. Awkward because the animal often weighs in excess of 1200 pounds and may get upset, rendering the process inefficient because the animal often spits out an unknown percentage of the medication. Together these factors result in not knowing exactly how much of the medicine was actually ingested by the animal (dose), and uncertainty as to how effective that unknown dose will be (efficacy).  This delivery method also creates unnecessary anxiety and trust issues between horse and caregiver.

RSI’s medi-treats will be available in different drug strengths based on veterinary-recommended animal weight, and will be clearly labeled accordingly. Smaller horses, ponies and donkeys normally require less of the dewormer medication, while standard or larger horses require the full or standard dosage. In some cases, even larger or more problematic animals may require the maximum strength medication.

RSI’s medi-treats will be ingested completely. Due to the patented Hydrogel technology, none of the drug is destroyed in the acidic environment of the animal’s stomach. The Hydrogel capsules containing the drug(s) are tasteless and odorless. The patented chemistry that comprises the capsule itself is made of natural ingredients which fall apart and release the medicine when the Hydrogel capsule reaches the higher alkalinity of the intestine.

The goal with all medications, be it animal or human, is to use as little of the drug as possible to achieve intended results. The Response Scientific technology and medi-treats delivery system accomplishes this important goal.

RSI’s medi-treats dewormer will be flavored with apple, molasses and other pet friendly ingredients and will utilize textures the horse finds appealing. The medi-treats will be packaged individually in hermetically sealed wrappers for extended shelf life of up to two years and boxed for easy visual recognition.

RSI’s medi-treats concept will revolutionize the manner in which equine dewormer drugs and many other veterinary medications are delivered to animals.

The company is seeking to partner with large veterinary products distributors in North America and Overseas.